Translations with a quality guarantee

We have top professional, experienced specialist translators in almost all fields of expertise. Whether you have a marketing, communications, legal, technical, financial or HR text, you will receive translations with a quality guarantee in more than 30 languages from TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd.

We can deliver on our quality guarantee for translations thanks to our high-calibre network of over 300 translators and copywriters, combined with certified online software that ensures optimal processing of orders and our unique terminology service for your corporate wording.

For you, this means that your message will hit home with your target audience – and that makes our translations worth their weight in gold.

Every translation carried out by the most appropriate translator

Our translators:
• translate only into their native language.
• are experts in a particular subject, such as technology, law, finance or marketing.
• have a university or college degree.

We choose from our pool of professional translators, taking into account their professional background and industry knowledge. Even geography plays a part, as a native of northern Germany is completely different from someone from eastern Switzerland.

Quality guarantee thanks to proofreaders
To guarantee quality, all translations are proofread by a professional lecturer. All of our proofreaders teach translation, interpreting or multilingual communication at a university or college. This quality assurance process is challenging, but it is one of our major concerns and so is included in the price of your translation.

Corporate Language and terminology
To ensure that every text in your company speaks the same language and is written in the same style, the same translators always work with the same customers. We can develop your company’s Corporate Language upon request.

Translations available quickly and easily

Our handy price calculator makes ordering simple. Upload your text, select the language, the delivery date and the payment method - and the translation process has begun. Here are some of the benefits for you:

• Optional 3-hour express delivery
• No minimum fee
• Quality and best price guarantee
• Translations in 30 languages
• Terminology service: a glossary with your company's terminology
• Core team (long-term use of the same translators for all of your orders)
• Desktop publishing with free "ready-to-print" service

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